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Already have HD 4850, but need HDMI!!!

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November 9, 2010 2:38:13 AM

I have a x38 xfire capable mobo asus p5e currently running only one HIS IceQ4 HD 4850
after a lot of work, i managed to pass this 35Feet HDMI cable througout my place, from my 52in LCD to my computer!
along with a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse, i can do whatever i want from up in my living room!
i felt quite stupid when i got the the last part, which is to plug the HDMI in a GPU that doesnt even have HDMI plug >_>
2x DVI + 1 s-video ... sigh

now i was planning on eventually adding a ati card so i can xfire and i notice the 6series just got out.. but damn its expensive!
im the kind of guy that usually will wait a bit, then buy a med-high end card... nothing extreme
now i also noticed there are some HD 4350 going for 57$CAN Shipped!

what would you guys do? I ll be honest, money is a bit of an issue lately and im not sure i can afford to waste on a brand new overpriced series 6! Should I wait a bit? and toss a 2XX$ on a good HD 6XXX later? or buy this 4350 right now for 57$?

also i guess i can add that there never been a game atm that i have had a problem with, gpu wise.. im playing savage 2 and currently doing mass effect 2 campaign and never had a single lag! this is another reason i think i should just get a 4350.

my last question would be, will this card be compatible with all my kit? i have 2x2g RAM 1000mghz, 750W PSU, Vista64

EDIT: i JUST noticed, that even with Xfire, the two cards need to be from the same serie? so my 4850 wouldnt work with a 6? SOOOOO maybe it IS a good time for me to buy 4350?

tx in advance for the advice

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November 9, 2010 2:41:07 AM

Get a little DVI-HDMI adapter, they carry the same video signal, so you can get a cheap little dongle adapter and hook it into your system. It will be pretty inexpensive and you wont have to swap out your GPU, leaving you the option of adding a second 4850 soon for crossfire.

You would not be able to crossfire a 4350 with a 4850, a 4350 doesnt even support CF as far as i know and is an incredibly weak card.
November 9, 2010 3:08:49 AM

I thought of gettin a dvi adapter, but i also want sound!!!!

are you sure 4350 doesnt support xfire? it says xfire ready on newegg description
if 4350 really dont support xfire, then its worthless to buy this card!! id be buying a hdmi port for 57$

now there is the 4670 1gig going for 100$ shipped...
or the 4870 1gig for 160$
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November 9, 2010 3:30:20 AM

There is no point in buying the HD 4670 since you cannot XFire it with the HD 4850.

The only benefit for you to buy the HD 4670 over the HD 4350 is that it includes better hardware than the cut down HD 4350 for movie/video output.

I believe the HD 4870 can be XFired with the HD 4850 since they are in the same family. But it will basically be clocked down to the speed of the HD 4850 when you use it in XFire. I read a post somewhere that it would actually be a little faster than two HD 4850 XFired, but definitely not be equal to tow XFired HD 4870.
November 9, 2010 3:53:17 AM

if ur saying 4850+4870 is between the 2 previous card doubled, then it totally makes sense that xfire is actually working isnt it?
thought xfire wasnt suposed to bottleneck, just didnt know you couldnt mix families
not much difference if at all with SLI then!

can anyone clarify all this?

this kindo sucks:( 
stuck with spending 120$ for 4850
or 160$ for 4870?

i guess id rather just get 4850 with HDMI? ;p
November 9, 2010 5:14:25 PM

wow man... i had no idea audio could go thru dvi!
i ll definately try this adapter
tx a lot guys!!
other thoughts on the bought of a second card are welcomed
November 9, 2010 6:09:48 PM

4850's in crossfire are comparable with a single gtx 470 or a 5870, and there are a few as low as 95 bucks or 90 bucks after rebate on newegg, so I say go for it since you've got a x-fire board already. I think a pair of 4850s would last you at least 18-24 months until you decide you've gotta have DX11.