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Framerate/Delay Problems During 3D Games (GTX 260M on an Asus G71GX-A)

System: Asus G71GX-A1 (Intel Core 2 Quad Q9000 2.0G, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260M, 6GB DDR2)
OS: Win 7 Ultimate

I have recently been experiencing an issue in several games including Fallout: New Vegas, Left 4 Dead 2 and Heroes of Newerth. Every 2-5 minutes, the game will start stuttering, making it nearly impossible to act, click, or even move the cursor.

I have noticed on most games this can be resolved sometimes by turning off antialiasing, but this doesn't work at all for L4D2, and sometimes stops working for Fallout: New Vegas.

I never had to do this before. I'm uncertain what could have changed, as I didn't alter my setup. The problem persists after a clean re-install of Windows 7.

I don't believe it's an overheating problem, as the range seems fairly consistent whenever I check GPU/CPU temps (GPU ranges from 65-95, CPU ranges about 65-70). However, I'm not prepared to rule that out entirely. Also, it's worth noting that background applications, such as Ventrilo, do not experience any sound or performance issues that I can detect when this video problem occurs.

I have the latest drivers for my card. dxdiag info is attached. Any suggestions to further diagnose this issue would be appreciated.

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  1. As an update, I'm now seeing temps in the low 100s (100-104) after extended testing. What's the standard threshold for this GPU, and are the symptoms indicative of overheating problems?
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    I've seen this with lots of semi high end notebooks toting nvidia gfx cards. (I can't say one way or another for ATI though) but I read somewhere when your temps get too high on laptops, the voltage to the GPU will automatically throttle back to lower temps which obviously severely hurts performance.

    I'd see if you can get a notebook cooler to hopefully take care of the problem. those temps do seem high also.
  3. +! Its advised for your case to get a notebook cooler, Temps of 100c is really hot, you shouldnt continue using the system to the max w/o a cooler, high risk of damage occurring, 100 c= Boiling temp btw
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  5. It was overheating. I removed the bottom cover and elevated the machine, it now operates in normal temperature ranges. Thanks to sepayne21 and 55range.
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