HD4850 Upgrade options?

Hi Gang,

I currently have an ATI Radeon HD4850 512Mb Card in my system.

I am only a light game player and mainly use the computer for streaming purposes.

But my lad likes to play games, namely FarCry2, GTA IV, COD: MW2 etc.

I would like a more powerful card, for under £100.

I am soon upgrading my PSU to a Corsair VX450w (As recommended by a fellow member)

What card would you guys recommend?
Ideally, i would like it to have a dedicated HDMI output.

Thanks in advance
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  1. GTX 460 is very good I hear, I have a GTS 450 and it's great! Have a look at the AMD 5850 as well, it's the next generation of your current card as it were, and very powerful indeed. I reckon if you look around you can get them under a hundred quid as well!
  2. Wait the minute, first of, tell us your FULL specs...
  3. Q6600, EZCool 600w (Getting upgraded to VX450w soon), 4Gb DDR2-800 OCZ, 500Gb SATA, P5K Board....
  4. I reckon to see a decent performance gain you're going to have go with a GTX 460 or a 5850. The 4850 is no slouch as a gaming card, so you're going to have to go pretty high end to see a decent improvement for your money. It would be worth reading up on the power requirements of the above and similar cards before getting a new PSU!
  5. Only VX450? Get higher than that, at least 500W for ANY single card...
  6. ^^ Exactly.
  7. It was recommended by a fellow TH member
  8. Q6600 power demand are 135 watts and above i have the same cpu overcloked in 3.30 Ghz With VX450w you will have only 396watts and in this amoud must devided to your Q6600 and the card stay in your 600 watts is better.
  9. That may be so, but as stated previously, if you want to see a decent performance increase then you need to get a faster, power hungrier card. It wouldn't be great for you to spend money on a new PSU that was quite average and then be limited to cards which are round about the same performance as your current one.
  10. I'm not saying that VX450 is bad or not good enough, it is a GREAT PSU, but for a longer term you'll better with higher PSU, get Corsair 500W, it won't hurt you so badly going from 450W to 500W... :)
  11. How much do you estimate the price to be? I know you hear it all the time, but i truly am on a budget.
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