Need help on Graphics Card!!!!

hey guys, i had been asking about upgrading my comp in a few posts before, I already decided to upgrade my CPU to AMD Phenom II X4 955 on my GA-M56S-S3 mobo, now i got questions about my graphics card.

my PSU is

Cooler Master 460
Product No. RS-460-PCAR-A3

AC INPUT l 15/230V~10/6A 60/50HZ
DC OUTPUT l +3.3V l +5V l +12V1 l +12V2 l -12V l +5VSB
l 22A l 25A l 18A l 18A l 0.5A l 2.5A
MAX POWER l 165W l 312W l 6W l 12.5W

and these are the list of the graphics card that i want to get, the list are from MSY (Australian store), of course if you can find those cards with cheaper price, feel free to post the link (must sydney based or free delivery etc. as i live in Australia)

1280M GTX470 ECS/Zotac /Inno3D /Gigabyte /Asus---------296/296/297/338/345
1GB 6870 HIS / Powercolor---------------------------------273 / 273
1GB 5850 Powercolor / HIS / Gigabyte / Asus----------------244 / 262 / 279 / 279

1GB GTX 465 Inno3D / Gigabyte / Asus----------------------233 / 243 / 243
1GB GTX460 Gigabyte / EVGA / Asus------------------------222 / 222 / 222
1GB 6850 HIS / Powercolor--------------------------------- 219 / 219

my PSU is only 460watts, with the CPU i wanted to purchase being AMD Phenom II X4 955 95W, i have question about which are the cards that i can handle without a PSU upgrade??? also where can i find the minimum power requirement, i have looked around for a bit and all i can find is power consumption of the card which is different.

also if i need to upgrade my PSU, which one should i get, theres so many in the MSY list and the value range is great.

so, which gfx card do u guys reckon i should get, i use my comp for intense gaming mainly so which card is gonna benefit me the most coupled with my new CPU, i would like to get a really good card which is gonna last me a long time so i don't have to upgrade again in 5-6 years.

please also take the PSU cost into account as to which is the best in terms of price/performance. also my motherboard only support 1 GPU and i DON'T plan to overclock either my CPU and graphics card. so which one is most suitable for me???

please leave advice and suggestions below, thx!!!!
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  1. 5-6 years? That's much more than you can expect any video card to last. For example 5-6 years ago you probably would have bought something like the 6800GT and if you had it should have been retired long ago.
    Your power supply has 312w on the +12v rail and can probably handle an HD6850 which would be a good choice for the money.
  2. can it also handle the 6870?? cos that looks like a really good card
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