help Connecting a dlink DIR 615 router to a DIR 615 router

Hello . I would like to get help if possible to setup at Dlink DIR-615 to a DIR-615 wireless router. I have the Dlink DIR 615 in the basement connected to the cable modem but the signal isnt good enough for my room upstairs so I got a second one in my room. I cant seem to get the internet from my DIR 615 in my room from my pc, laptop or iphone. Help would be great because I tried to much with changing router ips and stuff but I cant get it to work. Hopefully some1 here could help.

here is a pic of the settings on my router in the basement

what settings would i change to my router in my room to get working?

step by step setup will be helpful
please help!!!!!!! :hello:
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  1. Do these routers support WDS ? If not you'll have to link them by ethernet cable.
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