NVIDIA GeForce GT 130M vs RSX 'Reality Synthesizer'

NVIDIA GeForce GT 130M vs RSX 'Reality Synthesizer'

which would be better for gaming - the Nvidia is in a core 2 duo laptop and has 1 gig dedicated

honest opinions/answers and no fanboy talk!

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  1. we need more info here...
    can you give us some links?
  2. HP Pavillion 4gig ddr2 ram 1 gig dedicated to the above mentioned graphic card.
  3. According to:

    RSX Reality Synthesizer is a PS3 GPU and based on GeForce 7800. So i GUESS (not sure) this RSX is more powerful than GT130M.
  4. The GF100 series ~= the 8000 series, so if the GT130M is about equal to a 8300, then in terms of pure power, the PS3 RSX chip would win.
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