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Graphics card finally died, need your opinions on a replacement

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November 9, 2010 1:12:29 PM

I was in the middle of a game, and suddenly the screen froze, and i got a bunch of artifacts (this has happened a couple times when the card overheats), the card was definitely not overheating as the temperature at the time was around 60C. So, i thought nothing of it and i restarted, but then, the weirdest thing I have ever seen happened. As the computer was going through its boot up through the post info and showing the usual information on the black screen, everythign went crazy, and the screen filled with random letters, characters and artifacts (this was not in the windows GUI, this was before windows 7 even started booting, you know the black screen with the white writing? ya that one), Ive seel a lot of crazy stuff, but man what a sight, creepy as hell.

Anyway, Ive managed to get the computer working again, but it keeps doing it every so often, ive decided enough is enough and its time to get a replacement card (my current card is an 8800gt btw).

Here is my current rig

E6600 2.4 OC to 3.0
4 GB of DDR2 800 ram
Standard dvd/cd/rw drive, burns dvd and cd nothing special
320GB 7200 RPM sata
various USB devices, biggest one being a 2tb external drive
550W Coolermaster PSU with 2 12v rails rated at 16A each.

I will need to replace the graphics card tomorrow, and I want to make sure that im making the right choice, so im wondering what you guys think, I have found a couple different choices, and I was hoping you guys could answer a question or two

#1, will the gtx460 even run on my system (nvidia says 38A is required on the 12v rail with a min of a 450W psu, but frys says PSU needs to be a min of 450W and the 12v Rail only requires 24A, not sure which one is correct)
#2, which is the better bargain

Option #1

First option is a palit card, its a 768MB model, after rebate its only 130 Bucks at frys, the only thing that concerns me is whether palit is a good brand or not, I am not sure to be honest. I am also concerned about the fact that on the main company site for PALIT, they do not list a 768MB model for the gtx460 at all, they just go straight to the sonic 1024MB, so that leaves me a little worried.

Option #2

This is your ordinary, run of the mill EVGA card, its an extra 40 bucks, but...its an EVGA. I know this is a good brand, so I am not worried, the only thing I am worried about, is the fact that it is a superclocked edition, and Im wondering if the factory Superclock will have any affect on the power supply requirements.

Thanks for your time and 2 cents.

EDIT: The only reason Im still worried about whether or not the system will work, is because I dont have a single 12v RAIL that runs at 32 AMPS...I have 2 12V rails that run at 16A each, and this worries me, some people tell me you can just add them up to get 32 AMPS, I KNOW this is wrong, it doesnt work that way.

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a c 189 U Graphics card
November 9, 2010 2:11:20 PM

Well, you have 2x 12V rails, each of them is 16A. So you still can use GTX460 on that PSU, don't worry about that. :) 
For the card, get that palit, and of course get 1GB version and not 768MB. Do not get the superclock card from EVGA, i doubt your PSU can handle that card for a long time...
November 9, 2010 2:47:27 PM

actually from articles ive read, the 768 superclocked uses less power than the 1GB version of the gtx460
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a c 189 U Graphics card
November 9, 2010 2:59:36 PM

well, can't you also upgrade the PSu as well? Better PSU is good for longer term...
November 9, 2010 4:03:17 PM

If i had the money I would
a c 189 U Graphics card
November 9, 2010 4:09:58 PM

Your PSU can handle both of card just fine, but in the future, consider upgrading PSU, okay? With your current PSU you won't survive for a long time...