My new AMD build... Review it please!

This is my new build..i have the dual-core in hopes that it will unlock into a triple or quad core.

CPU: AMD Phenom II x2 555
HDD: Seagate 500gb
GPU: HIS Radeon HD 4670
PSU: RaidMax Blackstone 700W (its 70 dollars for a 700w psu, and modular!, why not?)
CASE: CM 690 II Advanced

CPU cooling: Corsair CAFA70 Dual Fan
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  1. pyrogx said:

    PSU: RaidMax Blackstone 700W (its 70 dollars for a 700w psu, and modular!, why not?)

    Because for $70 you can get PSU´s in the 500-650watt range that actually are more powerful (more power on +12 volts), from manufacturers like Antec, Corsair and Seasonic that will not blow up and take all the other components with them.
  2. Some more info would help. Is this build mainly for gaming, web surfing, etc?
    Most of the stuff looks pretty decent but links could also help but I really wouldn't recommend that GPU unless you're not going to be gaming. I don't know much about the cooler but you probably could've gotten something better or of equal performance for cheaper like the Hyper 212+ or Mugen 2. I also would've gone with a PSU from Corsair, XFX, SeaSonic, OCZ, CoolerMaster or Antec.
  3. A quick look at the specs for the Raidmax Blackstone tells me its crap. It used to be a Passive PFC design, they appear to have just thrown an APFC in there, its got 2 12V rails rated at 23A each, so best case 46A total, likely only about 41A, which is good for a 550W unit, and pretty sad for a 700W unit. That version of "Modular" is a pretty bad implementation, they ran short cables out of the PSU and sent along extensions basically. Get a good 650W unit, it will be much better than a cheapo raidmax. There is an XFX unit that is $70 after MIR and is a much better unit in all regards.
  4. ^+1 for the XFX.
    If for gaming get a better GPU. You can save money on the case and CPU cooler and get a HD6850 instead.
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