Crossfire current 5750 or go with 6850? Pros and cons?

I currently have this setup:

AMD Phenom II X4 970 BE @ 4.0ghz
4gb ddr3 1600mhz
Antex 530w PSU
MSI 890gx-g65 mATX board
Asus Radeon 5750 gpu OCed to 820mhz and 1200mhz memory....

So, maybe it's boredom, maybe it's a Newegg credit that I want to use, but I've more or less decided to upgrade the GPU. This is SOMEWHAT superfluous since the most GPU intensive game that I run is Civ 5, but whatever. I'm debating between crossfiring the card with a 5770 or just goin up to a 6850.

I just wanted some opinions as to pros and cons and maybe see if people can answer some questions. I know that the "6850 and you can crossfire it later" will come up. I do not care about that and don't want to take that into account. I really am going to cut off my investment in this machine after this upgrade.... I swear (maybe). Clearly the one pro of the 5770 is the $50 savings (and the theoretical savings by continuing to use my one-month old investment in my 5750). I have tried pinpointing answers to the following questions, but haven't truly been able to:

1. From what I've found, a 5770x2 in CF will be roughly equal to the 6850 (obviously only for suported apps, yeah yeah yeah). I havent found as much on 5750+5770 in CF or even 5750x2 in CF. Relative to the 6850, how will a 5750+5770 or 5750x2 compare? Does the level of OC on my current card play into it?

2. Are there any issues crossfiring a 5750 and 5770 that wouldn't be present with two 5750s or two 5770s?

3. I don't have any overheating issues at all, but does anyone know of any heating issues with a crossfire setup on this MSI 890gx board due to spacing?

Thanks for helping.
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  1. personally i'd prefer single GPU setup over complexity multi-gpu setup can produce. going for 5750 CF is one cheap way to gain more performance but you might want to ditch the idea CFing 5750 and 5770. they can be put together but 5770 will definitely going to be adjusted to match 5750 performance so i don't think you can properly see performance between 5750 CF and 5770 CF with the combination.
  2. Go with 6850 if you can afford is better but check this list:

    is the official site of ati amd and the test they made on PSU click on details will help you alote.
  3. Another thing to keep in mind -- the $50 savings by using xfire can easily be overcome by reselling the 5750 you currently have and you could probably even get more than the $50 !! Plus as you say the 6850 can always be brought over to the next system you build and xfired with another one if\when you do start to use more complex games.
  4. I'd probably xfire just for fun. but people are right in that a single gpu will cause less headaches and you can sell that 5750 for more than the 50 dollar difference
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