Which case is better?

Antec 300


Lexa S

between this two, not regarding its price but the quality and other advantages of the two cases above, which is better?
(i like the lexa s personally because of it's features, and i like to show my friends my interior, but i changed my mind because it went from 69.99 free shipping to 79.99 with shipping fee. it sucks!...lol)
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  1. The Antec 300 Illusion is my "go to" case for anyone on a budget. It has excellent cooling , looks good and is very high quality.
  2. Personally i prefer Antec cases because the quality is very good.
    I owned an original 300 and it was fine.
    I have no experience with the LEXA.
    Other case worth consideration.
    ZALMAN Z9 Plus Black Steel
  3. That antec 300 has no cable management holes between the hard drives and the motherboard. I'm still rocking an Antec 900 still but getting a new one because lack of cut out holes. Look at the photo, no cut outs. If you like antec get the Antec 900 v3 or something. Or Get a case that has swappable hard drive, and USB 3.0. All the new cases should now have cut out holes. Some have rubber lining around them which makes any case just superb.

    For example, here are a few new cases coming out this month (April) that i'm debating on.

    NZXT H2 (under $100)

    CM Storm Enforcer Case (under $100)

    Silverstone Raven 3 (expensive)

    Corsair 600t Special Edition White (~$160)

    Or if you can afford it, Corsair 650D ($209.99)
  4. If the prices were equal, I'd say get the one you like best. As is, I'd take the Antec based on lower price, and proven history.
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