Routeur is gradually slowing down internet speed

Hi all,

Lately i've been having this issue where my my 7meg internet connection would be fine for about 4-5 days and then, in the span of a 1-2 days, would slow down to the equivalent of a 2.5 meg line.

At first I thought the integrity of my signal was affected so rebooting the modem and the routeur seemed to solve the issue but the cycle would only repeat itself.

It occured to me the signal degragation, although possible, was not the case. So when the connection was slow I would only reboot the modem. I then went on but the results were the same, I was still at 2.5. I then tried to reboot the routeur and all was well after that.

My Linksys wireless router (WRT160N) also was rebooting incorrectly, it needed to be resetted before rebooting it.

Now I know that my router might simply be busted (or maybe not) but I am curious to know why this behavior happens.

Usually when things go bust they stop working altogether but in this case once rebooted the router works fine for 4-5 days then drops significantly to a 2.5. This behavior has been going on all summer now...could it be just a setting that I overlooked?

Any ideas?


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  1. a little history on the number of wired and wireless devices you connect to the router would be of help ...i'd assume its one computer wired or wireless...sometimes happens with old routers...a hard reset and reconfigure (though youv'e already done it) on the router or a firmware upgrade might help the cause...less likely options would be interference like cordless phones/microwave oven but seems too far fetched....but would like to recommend a direct connection check from the modem before either of them
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