What is a good Anti-Virus program to purchase for this system

I recently made a system with the i950 CPU and p6x58d-e mobo and Windows 7

The system is fully built and running but I need an anti-virus program to protect the system as it is going to be used by both me and my family.

I'm a bit concerned as the rest of the family is not computer savy as me and I want to guarantee they don't go surfing around on the web and get a virus on the system as I can't watch what they are doing on the system 24/7.

Anyone have any suggestions on what Anti-Virus Product I could purchase?

I currently use AVG free on my old system but I think the protection is so basic it does really nothing.

Edit I also use ZoneAlarm for the firewall as well on the system. Not too sure about this either.
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  1. AVG did quite well for me, i switched to avast recently and it hasnt let me down yet.
  2. AVG is very good, Avira is also very good, also free, also Avast. I found firewalls annoying now I' using firefox + no script. Comodo should be a better firewall, also free. For antispyware Spybot free.

  3. I am also using free solutions, but if I were to purchase, I'd probably use Norton. It's been overhauled within the past couple of years, so it is not the resource hog it used to be.
  4. never install a software based firewall (like - "Internet Security" versions) -> just use a router even if you have one desktop wired to the internet (it doubles as a hardware-based-firewall -> always the better solution)

    just use a simple antivirus + anti-spyware protection. from my experience the best ones are either: NOD32 -> http://www.eset.com/ or Vipre Antivirus -> http://www.sunbeltsoftware.com/home-home-office/vipre/

    stay away from the more known consumer products like Norton / McAfee - they're close to useless at stopping modern-day trojans... cost more... and cause lots of networking issues

    best free one: AVG
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