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hey guys I am building my first machine and I need some suggestions on what graphics card would be best. I am planning on using a i5 650. Please help me out
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  1. the card needs to be preferably under $100 but if it goes over thats ok. I dont have a monitor yet and im planning on getting at least 700W PSU. would rather have to much than not have enough right? lol
  2. If you are building yourself I would switch the CPU to a i5-750: Quad-core for nearly same price!
  3. I think the most important question is this:

    WHY? What do you want to do with this computer?

    The i5 chips are great CPUs, but if you want a modern day gaming machine I would suggest an AMD Phenom II X4 or the i5-750 (or i5-760) for CPU. Quad cores are becoming more and more prevalent, and games are really starting to take hold of multicore use.

    As ct1615 mentioned, the resolution of your monitor will play a very large factor in what video card we recommend to you. Also, whether this is a gaming computer, or an office use computer will play a very large factor as well. For example, with a modern 1680x1050 or 1920x1080 monitor resolution, most video cards under $100 aren't the best option. However, going $120 to $150 can make a huge difference in over all performance gaming wise.

    Again, it all depends on what you intend to do with this computer. The higher resolution your monitor is, the better a video card you need. The better the video card, often times the better power supply you need to feed it. :)
  4. Yeah, unless you are getting your i5 650 for much less than US$180.... In most gaming benchmarks an i3 340 (US$120) isn't that much slower. Again, Tom's says a Athlon x3 445 (US$74) should be good enough anybody, plus you won't get burned in the upcoming Intel platform.

    I'd seriously consider a 460 GTX. If you are going to game at or below 1080p, the 768 flavor is a great deal less than US$150 after rebates. Otherwise, you are looking at the 240 GT or the 4850, which were great cards 2 years ago.
  5. All this info is great guys thanks. Like I said this is my first build so all of this is definitely helping. It's going to be a gaming machine. I'll figure out what monior or res im going to use and i'll get back to yall
  6. If you do go with a dual core, consider the i3 560, it is faster and cheaper.

    Also consider that since sandy bridge is almost out, I doubt any more 1156 chips will be designed. What's out now will be it, no new chips coming out to upgrade to.
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