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I couldn't find a section on th eforums asking help for monitors if there is one I apologize. That being said...I amlooking for a bigger monitor. The one I am currently use is 21"5"in acer monitor( ). Its good but it is kinda small. I play mostly games on this system so I am not worry anything that has to do with move/photo editing related. I will spend no more then $500 on a monitor. Here are a few choose/picks.


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  1. The Samsung is superior, faster response time though you won't really be able to distinguish below 5ms unless your pro.

    I would not pay so much extra for an LED panel

    vote for #2
  2. thank you for the feedback, I am also looking for suggestions if anyone has any lcd monitors in mind around the price please let me know.
  3. Those are the best choices in 27'' for your price range (at least as far as I know) the best 27'' is the U2711

    double your max price though :(
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