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Ive got a 2-3 year old system and have 4GB of Corsair TWIN2X4096-6400C5C 4GB 800MHz C5 DDR2 atm with a Q9450@3.2Ghz and a GTX 285, Windows 7 Professional 64bit.

Im playing Skyrim atm without any problems at high/ultra so its really good, but when i play Shogun 2, the load times are slow, especially when i first start the game up, ingame the map screen can drop below 30 fps if i have shadows and other features turned on. In battles its normally fine untill i have massive battles or put it on 3x speed.

So the question is, is it Shogun 2 itself thats badly programmed or will another 4GB help with these issues?

Most other games i play also run pretty much maxed out and have no problems with but Shogun 2 is a nightmare!

I dont wanna buy a new card or anything because ill just buy a new bundle next year when the next lot of CPUs are released.

Hope you guys can help,

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  1. I generally would suggest people with 64 bit OSs have 8 GB of RAM if possible as a routine sort of thing, but I have my doubts whether it will make a super huge difference in that one game you mention.

    Most games are bottlenecked by your processor or video card, not so much by the RAM.

    You can try to play the game and alt tab out to look at the task manager and see how much RAM is being used. If it is nearly all then it could potentially help some.

    I read something quickly that said Shogun 2 had suggested specs of 4 GBs of RAM on max settings. Assuming that is right, its less likely to help than before I read it.

    If you try to buy more PC 6400 RAM now it will be quite expensive since it isn't manufactured in large quantities anymore and you won't be able to carry it forward when you upgrade within 1 year.

    I would just turn down the settings on Shogun until you get the completely new system. Once you get the new specs you can pump the settings up on it.
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