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Why is ATI detecting 3 video cards? (Screenshot included)

Here's the deal. I installed my 5770, updated drivers, etc.

But when I right-click ATI icon in taskbar, I see a list of 3 video cards. It shows:

What's going on here?
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More about detecting video cards screenshot included
  1. You actually have 3 5770's in your PC, but 2 of them are completely invisible
  2. Because the video card has 3 separate video connectors (probably actually 4 connectors but only 3 can be used to run separate displays !) that could be used for multi monitor usage and there has to be somewhere to setup the various displays if you are using more than 1 !
  3. I'm using only one monitor. It's configured to use only one as well. Catalyst also displays one.

    However, looking at the slots, there are four in the back (2x DVI, 1x DP, 1x HDMI)
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    Yes - but of the 4 (Display Port, HDMI and 2 DVI connections) you can only use 3 connections at any time for seperate signals (the HDMI and 2 DVI connections share 2 output signals and the display port has a third signal) so you can only actually connect 3 monitors to the card (2 through the DVI,HDMI and one on the display port) - so the CCC shows 3 cards since it can actually display up to 3 different sets of display info if using multiple displays - so CCC will still display it as 3 cards even though you are not using 2 of them.
  5. That clarifies a lot, thanks JDFan. You da man.
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