Advice Needed please - Logitech z5500 with X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro

Hi Everyone

I need a few answers as when Im reading through previous posts im getting different/conflicting answers.


1) I have recently purchased a logitech z5500 speaker set

on the control pod itself of the speakers you can set it to Dolby Digital sound etc.

2) I have recently purchased a Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro to use with the logitech z5500 speakers.

3) Before I purchased the Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro sound card, I had a standard sound card that came with my motherboard which was a 'SupremeFX X-Fi' (see link below)


However, I needed to connect the Supreme X-Fi sound card to the logitech z5500s via an optical cable. The reason for that is I couldnt have wires running all about the place and wanted 1 wire to be visible. The Supreme X-Fi sound card couldnt output via SPDIF to the logitech speakers. So I allowed audio to run from my graphics (over HDMI) to the monitor and then I outputed the sound from the monitor (via optical cable) into the logitech speakers. This worked and the control pod on the logitech speakers appeared to be encoding in dolby digital and surround sound was great when watching movies or gaming on COD modern warfare 2 with 5.1 surround.

I then thought that a good sound card may improve the sound even more, and so I purchased a Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro sound card (see link below)

The sound card is working and I output directly to the logitech speakers via optical cable. I also allow the sound card to do the encoding via Dolby Digital Live (as the sound card supports on the fly encoding). But I Cannot notice any improvement in the surround sound quality, even though I have all of the cards options such as EAX and X-fi CMSS3D and X-fi Crystalizer enabled. From what I gether, this may be because Im using optical out from the Fatal1ty card to the speakers.


1) All I need to know is is it worth me keeping the Fatal1ty card even though I will be using SPDIF to connect to the Logitech z5500 speakers (with the sound card doing the Dloby digital live encoding). OR should I return the expensive Fatal1ty card and reinstall my previous Supreme X-Fi sound card, output audio via HDMI to the monitor and then output sound from the monitor to the Logitech z5500s via optical cable??

2) Can you recommend the settings I should be using to get the full benefits of the above set up?

Your comments and suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. From what I know your speakers are doing the Dolby thinghy not the sound card if you are using the digital output, that bypasses the soundcard's DAC. Now, the soundcard converters are better than those in those speakers. Try on analogue and see if you hear any difference.

    For music I would send back both the Creative and the speakers and get something else. For gaming and movies I wouldn't bother with that sound card.
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