Seeking help for my computer

I live in the us and my budget for my computer is $800 all i have now is $296 and im looking for a CPU,GPU, and a motherboard

Im also looking for
A))Large card where the monitor plugs in

B)Large Board where everything within the computer plugs in

C)Small chip not much larger then 1 inch
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  1. Post your full specs first, including power supply.

    How much are you willing to spend? What is your monitor resolution?

    No one is going to help you if you give so little info.
  2. What my friend is trying to say is,
    $950USD Build including shipping + California sales tax.
    See wish-list here

    We still need a CPU, GPU, and Motherboard, please try to keep the price around a little under $400 because we have to pay for Tax and Shipping. He will be using a 1280x1024 Monitor.

    Thanks :)
  3. Let me do some research :)
  4. Not a bad bundle: ---> Click me :)
  5. OMG! Get it!!!
  6. Quote:
    Not a bad bundle: ---> Click me :)

    Best answer.
  7. Hello everyone,
    Sorry to pull this one, I'm sure you've grown sick of hearing it, but the bundle expired before we bought it :)

    So unfortunately it's back to square one with the aforementioned wish list.
    On the bright side though we could get away with stretching the budget a little, so please see my previous post with updated details.

    Thanks guys :)
  8. I need help finding GPU, CPU, and Mobo it has to be on the price range of $950 and here my list of thing i already have to see what i would be good with check tgcujo to see what else we need and of help wit
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  10. This Combo Bundle

    1. ASUS P8H67-M PRO/CSM :$129.99
    2. Intel BX80623I52500 :$209.99
    3. Kingston HyperX KHX1333C9D3B1K2/4G :$53.99
    4. Seagate ST31000528AS :$64.99
    5. LG ELECTRONICS UH10LS20 OEM :$76.99

    $443 total

    $100 HAF-922
    $70 EA-650
    $100 Windows Home Pre*
    $20 NZXT Fan Controller*
    $30 Wireless card*
    $180 EVGA 460 GTX 1 GB

    * Asterisked items from your original From your build

    Add 2nd 460 at a later date

    Total $943 .... newegg charges you tax ? :(

    ....but I'd kip the wireless and move up to the TP-650 for $20 more to be honest. Cable connections provide much higher speed and if on line gaming, that counts.

    ...other alternatives TX750 EA-750 and TP-750 .... most of these on special usually but not today apparently.
  11. Okay here is what we've come up with.
    $920 Grand total after shipping+california taxes

    Anything we should change before the order button is clicked?
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