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I have purchased a projectmix I/O m-audio mixer and had it up and running until I accidentally unplugged the FireWire cable. Since then, I have the cant find device message that comes up even after reinstalling the driver and turning on and off the unit as recommend by m-audio. Do you have any suggestions? Did I destroy my interface?

Running windows xp prof

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  1. Check the cable connection again. Probably a loose connection. Unplug and re-connect.
  2. it's not the cable!!
  3. Wisz said:
    it's not the cable!!

    Unplugging the firewire cable is not going to cause the problems that you are facing. It is likely that one of the pins got loose or bent. Examine the connector ends using a magnifier glass. The mini-firewire ends are quite fragile. Try a different cable.
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