E8400+4870= cod blackops struggling?

Hey everyone. well my setup is e8400/win7.32/4gb1066hz corsair/4870 and apparently I cant run blackops smoothly at all. even thought I'm running it at 1280/1024 with all the settings fairly low, it still spikes every 2-4 second its so hard to play, it is my video card problem?
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    No,your card can should handle this game perfectly fine.I've seen lots of users having performance issues with this game,so wait for a new driver/game patches.
  2. On a 24 inch 1080p display, graphics maxed with AA && AF maxed there is no sluggish exceptt for the kill cam that looks horrible.

    As stated above, wait for updates or patch :-/

    The game is better than MW2 IMO.
  3. well the problem happens to be in single player too. it is the same as online?
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