2 gig quad core vs. 4 gig dou core? Which would be better?

Which would be better / faster. Buying a quad core proc. running 2 gighz vs. a dou core running 4 gighz? Thank you for any help?
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  1. It really depends if you are comparing inside the same architecture or between two.

    Inside architectures:
    Sometimes the quad core will win in performance over the dual core, though in single threaded cases the higher clocked dual core will win, often with older applications and games.

    Between architectures the newer architecture will win usually regardless of what it is.

    Maybe you can Google benchmarks of the two processors and see for yourself since you have given very little information
  2. It depends for what. Some applications benefit from a higher clock and don't use a lot of cores. While others benefit from more cores and clock isn't as important. So it really depends for what.
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