Do I need to upgrade my mobo?

Hey all, my mobo is an Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe. I want to completely re-do my system. My CPU is a dated AMD Athlon 64 x2 3800+, I only have 4GB of RAM and I'm not sure which kind... but I bet something better exists by now. I think I'm going to stick with my vid card, a Nvidia GeForce GT 240, but I could upgrade that too. I want to add a sound card for recording too.

I don't care about any special BIOS features, I just need to speed my computer up. My system can no longer handle modern websites well and even opening simple programs takes too long. I want to really speed it up with a fast six-core processor. Do I need a new mobo or can I just use what I have and get a faster processor? Would a newer card make things work faster than my current one? I'd like my "new" system to last several years.

Thanks for any help.
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  1. Dont bother ;) As a suggestion you absolutely better making s new machine from scratch.
  2. That board only supports dual core cpu's so I would lean towards "yes you need a new motherboard". That being said if you are replacing your motherboard, CPU and possibly Video card, why not just buy a whole new computer?
  3. Well, I want to build myself. I know I could just buy one, but I've never built one and just thought it would be a cool little project for myself and something I can say I did. So, OK, I will replace mobo. I am shopping for parts. One other newbie question:

    I'm checking CPU and mobo compatibility lists and it will list the model name of CPU, but the model number will be different. All the ones on NewEgg end in BOX but those don't appear on the lists of the mobos I'm looking at. Example:

    This CPU, AMD FX-8120, has model number FD8120FRGUBOX. This motherboard says it supports the FX-8120, but lists model numbers FD8120WMW8KGU and FD8120FRW8KGU as being supported. So then, will that CPU not work with the mobo? I'm confused. EDIT: Also confused because that processor's core name is called Zambezi and this mobo, which NewEgg recommends on the CPU product page, says it support a core name of Bulldozer. And yet, it's the same model.

    Thanks again.
  4. The fx-8120box means its a retail CPU not OEM, newegg sells both types of CPU's but if this is your firts build I would buy a retail box CPU as they come with 3 year warranties, OEM comes with 1year.

    Make sure you use 1866 ram with any bulldozer or llano system, they love fast ram.

    Happy Building!
  5. Thanks, good to know. Is the name Bulldozer vs. Zambezi an issue? I edited my post at the end there. I'm obviously a newbie, so thanks! Well I watched the video NewEgg has about the AMD FX series and I guess Bulldozer and Zambezi is the same thing, just another "code name" ... which is sort of ridiculous. Can they make it anymore confusing?! :na:
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