Trying to get onboard video to work in conjuction with dual PCI-E Card

Hi all, I seem to be ahving some difficulty getting my onboard video to work. Im currently using the following hardware:

MSI NF750-G55 AM3 NVIDIA nForce 750a SLI HDMI ATX AMD Motherboard
- Has an onboard Nvidia 8200 GPU

2x Geforce 9800 GTX+'s

Currently, I have both video cards running in non-SLI so I can maximize my screens. I currently have 4 screens hooked up, two to each card with no problems. However, I am trying to get my onboard video to work as well so I can make use of the built in HDMI out and potentially the onboard VGA hookup for a 5th screen when HDMI isnt in use.

However, when I enable on my onboard video, it seems to disable display from both PCI-E cards, as well as giving me no video on the screen hooked up directly to the onboard video jack. Ive ensured that the 4 pin power for the iGPU is plugged in on the motherboard.

Any ideas on how to get the onboard video to work while there are PCI-E cards present? Or is that just beyond the technical capabilities of the motherboard? I figured id ask here before gutting the system and trying to get onboard video to work with no video cards hooked up.
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  1. Im a bit fuzzy on how this works then, because the motherboard itself does support hybrid SLI, so there has to be some means to take advantage of the onboard video and at least one PCI-E card.

    Seems kind of crappy to have the luxury of an onboard HDMI to push video and audio out to my TV, and not be able to have another card installed in it.

    Such a pain to experiment with, because once the onboard video is enabled, I get no video on the onboard video OR the PCI-E cards, so I cant get back into BIOS to disable the onboard video again without going through the hassle of resetting CMOS via jumper, which is inconvieniently located almost behind one of the cards.
  2. I'm not sure that Hybrid SLI works with a 9800GTX+. I think it only works with lower end video cards as I recall. The whole Hybrid SLI thing was nixed pretty quickly after it was released I'm pretty sure. Seems like I read it wasn't even supported anymore?

    Though I could be wrong, because I don't really pay attention to the Hybrid SLI scene.

    EDIT: Here's a review that suggests the 9800GTX works with Hybrid SLI. The 9800GTX+ is a newer version of course.

    Don't think it works with more than one GPU though. Besides, with 2 x 9800GTX+ you don't need Hybrid anyhow.

    nVidia Press Release: Hybrid SLI

    See page 8 of the press release above. It states that the GeForce Boost option (which allows Hybrid SLI to work basically) is disabled if you have more than one dGPU (discrete GPU). However, you can use the "Power Save" option, which turns off the dGPUs and enables the mGPU (motherboard GPU) when you're not performing intensive tasks.

    You also need Windows Vista (and 7 perhaps) to make Hybrid SLI work. Older OS's are not supported.

    nVidia Hybrid SLI page:

    Looks like they only support Hybrid SLI in notebooks these days.
  3. Quote:
    nice research'n..

    Thanks. :) Though honestly, I wonder if it's best to use certain driver versions over others. Or if they disabled Hybrid SLI with certain driver versions (newer ones for example). nVidia's site only has information on Mobile versions of their GPUs that support Hybrid SLI these days. It's as if they want to act like the desktop Hybrid SLI never existed. ;)
  4. Well for the time being, im just trying to pull video support for the 5th monitor on my desk (

    However, im getting a new tower from a family member soon, and was going to move my current one to next to the TV for a 2nd gaming rig for my fiance. We currently use the HDMI out on her laptop, and I was looking forward to being able to use the HDMI out on my motherboard on the computer next to the TV, so she would be able to enjoy the luxury of using her laptop on the couch while watching TV.

    It just kind of sucks that its a pain to get the onboard working for the HDMI support and still keep the 2x 9800's in there for when shes doing some heavy graphics gaming. Ill have to check and see if any of those links work. The main issue at the moment seem to be that the moment I even enable my onboard video in CMOS, I lose all video on all sources (onboard AND video cards).
  5. Ok digging around on those handy links you provided may have given me a solution. It wont give me the temp 5th screen until my new rig arrives, but the Hybrid Power option should allow me to get use of the HDMI on the motherboard if all goes well.
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