ATI or NVidia?

In the midst of a PC build, will be buying my graphics card on pay day at the end of this month. Now I've been looking and I'm assigned myself a budget of £160 (bloody christmas taking my budget away!) I've been looking at the GTX460 which seems to be everything I want. What is the ATI equivelent for this? - I've been a NVidia guy for the past 4 years so I'm clueless when it comes down to ATI.

Please don't suggest anything more expensive that the budget stated, I plan to upgrade this component in a year anyway so I'm not going to save up anymore with the cost of the other components I'm still yet to buy (PSU, HDD, DVD-drive, Windows7, couple of fans) so it's the most I can manage to spend.

Any ideas? I am going to be running this as a single card so. Nvidia GTX460 or the best ATI equivilent?

*For reference purposes - my system*

Current specs: rest needs to be bought.

AMD Phenom II 955 w/ Coolermaster Hyper TX3
GSkill 4gb ripjaw
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  2. If you can find them for the right price, the 6850, 5850 and 6870 are all great ATI cards that will compete solidly against a GTX 460. Be aware too that there are different flavours of GTX 460, I'd say the 1Gb version is the one to get!
  3. I'm planning to go for an ASUS 1gb version. Not sure which out of the couple they have but I'm sure I'll work it out. Just wondering if ATI have anything out there that competes well at this price range. The 68xx's retail over here for £199/£250 so it's a bit over budget.
  4. I'd look at the 460 SC, 1 GB superclocked model. Sure you can OC yaself, but the speed on these is guaranteed

    $199 w/ Free Hawx 2 game
  5. Quote:
    ATi equivalent... HD5770, HD5870 and HD6870 is nice..

    Thanks, I'm still leaning towards NVidia, might just be because I've used the cards for so long well.. Ever since the 8xxx series a few years back.
  6. So seeing as I've just looked up the costs of these, how would an ATi 5830 compare to the GTX460? They're both the same size for a 1gb version. Any ideas?
  7. Grab a 6850 instead of a 5850 or 5830, its $180 and is a good performer. It's a good overclocker too.
  8. Ati chips don’t have so mutch power consumption as the Nvidia chips there for the temperature is created is less and this is a very good issue from the other hand Ati has big road to cover in order to reach Nvidias fine drivers stability and this another issue that counts. Finally the temperature issue won and I took HD5770 I overclocked in 950Mhz 1350Ghz GDDR5 by doing this my Q6600 needed to overclocked to 3.30 Ghz for the chip to run fine and the Q6600 it went above 146watts to load! So need it 2 NF-P12 fans to keep the temperature of HD5770 under 73 c no matter what, opened halls to the box. You can see a hard test using prime95 torture 4096 minimal FFT and 4 Gbytes ram while I’m running furmark 1.8 extreme in here:

    Here you can see the idle and the tempratures after the test it took some time to cool it but NF-P12 fan helped allot:

    In here someone with nick rawsteel gave a very good analysis i need and will help you:

    So I hope I fully cover you.
  9. I dont really know prices out of the US but the 6850 is a good card as well, the 1 gb 460 will probably be a better pick. The 6870 might be out of your price range but is also a great pick. If you plan on overclocking the 460 can match and surpass the 6870 base clocks though, if not the 6870 will edge ahead though. If you are gaming at 1080 HD resolutions stay away from the 460 with less than 1 gb of memory.
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