Question about Fitting Two cards on my board
That is the board I plan on getting along with
This case and I need to know if I can fit two of these cards with this mobo and case

Thanks to anyone who answers!
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  1. As long as you have the cards in the first PCIe x16 (Blue) and the second PCIe x16 (White) slots on the Mobo , this setup will fit into that case.
    Check the documentation for the Mobo to see which PCIe x16 slots you will be actually using.
    The case has 7 PCI extension slots at the back, the mobo will use the first top one for the PCI x1 slot. the 2nd slot onwards will be for the Cards you've selected.
    Since the card is three slots wide , you can forget plugging it into the last PCIe x16 slot on the mobo.
    Check Mobo documentation and reconfirm slot speeds.

    Note: When using the Blue and White slots for the GPU of that type they are going to be pretty close to one another, you will be left with just about 2mm of spacing between the GPU cooler of the top card and the GPU backplate/PCB of the second card.
    I hope you have a good cooling option in mind.
  2. Quite honestly, the graphics cards will be choked with no space between them. The top one won't be able to get any air and is looking at some serious thermal damage potential.

    I don't think 2 of those video cards is going to be a reality for this motherboard.
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