What do you think of this build?

I´m buying a new gaming computer sometimes the next week and would just love to hear what others think about this build :)
I was about to go for the AMD x6 T1075 processor clocked on 3,0 Ghz but just heard about the new Sandybridge series by Intel and fell for this one http://www.jimmspc-store.fi/tuote/BX80616I5655K?t=false
Which one would you think is a beter choice for a gaming rig?

Here´s the rest of the parts:

Thank you for your time :)
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  1. As above, and next post please give us the part names so we don't have to clickety-click our way thru ya build. :)
  2. Ok, so here´s the parts :)
    DVD±RW SH-S223C/BEBE, 22X, SATA, Bulk 21.40 €
    P7H55, LGA1156, Intel H55, DDR3 105.00 €
    HAF 922 ikkunallinen miditower, Musta 120.00 €
    1TB Caviar Black, SATA 3, 7200rpm, 64MB 95.00 €
    3x2GB, DDR3 1600MHz 93.00 €
    AMD Radeon HD 6970, 2GB GDDR5, 2xDVI/HDMI/2xMiniDP 367.00 €
    750W GX, ATX-virtalähde, 80Plus 92.00 €
    Core i5 655K 3.2 GHz, LGA1156, 4 MB 217.00 €
    Total: 1110,40€
  3. I just noticed myself while doing some research that the motherboard i was gonna get probably wont work for the new Sandybridge processors. How about i get P7H55, LGA1156, Intel H55, DDR3 127,00€ instead, as I red in the description that it supports intels latest i5 models and it also has Crossfire support.
    Let me know what you think :) Will all parts be compatible? If you have any better (cheaper witout losing performance) pls let me know :)
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