2 x feforce 9800 gt

Please help,

I have a BFG 680i sli motherboard, and 2 PNY 9800 GT cards.

When I have both cards in, i get a post message telling me to us pciex slot 1 for non sli mode.

I have connected the cards with a cable, but get nowhere.

How do I boot with both cards?? One card at a time works great. I am trying to drive 4 monitors so i need both.

Please help
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    What PSU are you using and do you have the SLi bridge on?
  2. power was not the issue, i was trying all configs (every combo of the 3 slots with and without the sli bridge connected and not).

    What finally resolved the issue was changing the bios to pciex as the first option for graphics adapter instead of pci,

    even though there are no pci cards installed, only pciex.

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