Upgraded computer does not post...

Hi there,

Sorry for such a common question but I went through each of the trouble shooting steps and it still did not help me.

I've done a mild upgrade for my computer and it booted and installed everything perfectly on stock heatsink at first. When I installed Hyper 212+ today, the computer turns on but does not boot with a red led light on the case.

AMD Phenom x4 B55 w/ Hyper 212+ (no OC yet)
Biostar a880g+
G.Skill Sniper 8GB
some PSU 500W

Detailed story:
Received and installed CPU/mobo/ram yesterday, everything worked great. Today, my Hyper 212+ came in and I installed it. The stock heatsink took a little force to take out, and when I popped it out it made a slight cracking sound which gave me a quick heart attack but doesn't seem like any parts of the mobo/CPU pieces fell out.

Went onto installing 212 (taking out mobo again for the backplate). I think the problem was here when I put the mobo back into the case afterwards- my computer case is a little OG so it doesn't quite fit a mATX, only 3 screws will go in. When I tightened the mobo, it was way too tight because the computer didn't power on at all. I loosened the bottom two screws (which I realized made the bottom part of the mobo practically touch the case while the top part with the 212 backplate did not) and the computer turned on, but did not post.

I am now stuck here. The computer turns on, fans are working, the ram is fine, but a red light on my case is turned on. Also, the CPU heatsink fan does not work. I tried both the stock and 212, neither worked! Did I somehow kill my motherboard?!?! I'm scared I did when I tightened the screws too much... I was also VERY careful with being anti-static..

Please help! I'm so lost, I've done so much searches but none didn't help yet... Thank you guys in advance!!!
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  1. First suggestion, and a mistake you already made, but for the future to help you out, whenever you want to change or remove the HSF from the CPU always make sure that you have started the rig for sometime before performing that task. It heats up the CPU, melts the TIM and makes it easier to remove. While removing the HSF , do not try to pull the assembly upwards or at a perpendicular angle to the CPU surface, twist left and right with a little effort to see that the TIM has melted , do that a few times increasing the degree of the turn, and it will automatically come off.

    Now with you present state what you need to do is remove the whole Mobo from the case and try to start it up outside the case on a wooden or cardboard box. We usually use a book or the box the mobo came in.
    Also when you try to start it up make sure you have nothing other than the CPU RAM and GPU connected to the board.
    If everything goes fine , connect the HDD and the HDD power and try it on again.
    If it works fine completely out of the case then you're ok to go.
    Put it all back in very carefully and make sure not to tighten any screws inside the case holding the Mobo to the mounting plate.
    Try starting it again, if it works continue.
    Tighten slowly all the screws holding the mobo to the case but not too tight just enough for you to feel that the mobo won't fall off.
    Check and see what happens.
  2. TBH, I would be a bit scared about the crack sound too.

    Alyoshka laid out the next steps well. Do those and post the results.

    I hope for your sake that you didn't break the processor.

    Also, what exactly is the PSU maker and model?

    It is possible if it is a liar brand PSU that it is the source of your problems. If you can borrow a similar one to test with this would help rule it out as a problem source.
  3. Hi thanks for the tip, I completely forgot to warm it up.. lol

    But anywho! I've tried the breadboard just now and everything seems to post and work correctly- CPU, GPU, ram, HDD, etc. One big problem though lol my HSF still does not power up at all. Everything seems to run fine, but what's the point without a HSF right lol so could this be a PSU/mobo problem or something else? Also I tried leaving the PC running once but it just died after running for ~30 seconds (does this hint something obvious lol) and I'm positive I have all my cords down correctly.. Thanks in advance

    +The PSU is RocketFish 500W which I'm sure is unknown?? I should get a solid PSU right..
  4. No. Rocketfish is not unknown. It is a house brand of BestBuy. They are pretty junky.
  5. Try to plug the HFS in another Mobo CPU Fan header. They usually have 2 CPU fan headers these days and the other Chassis fan headers.
  6. Manually Reset the Bios.....
  7. I would say to get a new PSU in general, but I doubt it is causing the problem you are facing right at this very moment.

    It sounds to me like the heat sink isn't attached right or the thermal paste isn't on right or something like that.

    I would definitely NOT just turn the power on and leave it on with the processor cooler not functional. It is likely that it shut down after 30 seconds because of a thermal event.

    If I am right, you could have already damaged it. Causing the thermal event to reoccur would make the processor even more likely to receive damage.
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