First Build need some advice

Hello there i need some advice for my first homebuild and i don't want to mess this up xD, also need some criticisms for this. it would help alot :)

CPU: Athlon II X3 440
GPU: PC HD 5770 OC 1gb ddr5 PCS+/PC HD 6850 1gb ddr5 hdmi
Memory:x2 kingston 2gb 1333 ddr3
HDD: WD 500gb SATA 3.0
DVD writer: lg 22x gh22np20 black

need some advice for the mobo,powersupply, i was wondering if the HD 5770 is better than the HD 6850. This is just for the CPU only, i'm on a tight budget by the way so it would really help if it was cheap and reliable.

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  1. Get a Samsung Spinpoint F3 500GB. Or a Seagate Barracuda 7200.12. The 5770 is much cheaper so it isn't better. What's your budget and where are you buying from?
  2. Agreed, get the spinpoint or seagate. Also look at your psu if it can supply the power to your system, sometimes the going for the cheapo psu isn't the best idea. We also need to know where your buying your parts or where'd the ideal place would be.

    On the side note, the 2gb of memory I don't think is good enough, most apps today need about a 4gb standard. 64bit to 32bit I'm pretty sure has no difference in price either so paying a little extra for the 4gigs is a good bet.

    Oh and what resolution is your monitor? If your only using a 1280x1024 monitor the 5770 or the GTS 450 would be good enough.
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