Does my computer require a pure sin UPS?

So I've read a little about my power supply which uses Active PFC. (It's a OCZ Mod Xtream-pro 500W for what it's worth.) I'm not sure if it's just the battery in my UPS is getting too old. (The UPS is a CyberPower 800AVR) Anyway whenever I have a power interruption my computer shuts off immediately. (The UPS plays an alarm the whole time and only stops once I turn it off and turn it back on. This happens even if the power comes right back on so it makes having that as a UPS fairly pointless.) When I get my PC back up and running it usually tells me the battery is between 30% and 40%. I was reading that some Active PFC power supplies actually require a UPS that produces a pure sin wave so I was thinking of something like a Cyberpower CP1350PFCLCD and I was curious what advice people on this forum could give. (I'd also been looking to upgrade anyway so I'd have enough power to run my Tivo HD and PS3 on it which my current one can't do anyway.)
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    Similar question was asked over on Jonnyguru, here is what Jonnyguru had to say about it
    The only company that I've seen formally suggest true sine for a PSU is Enermax. But their PFC circuitry is funky to begin with.

    I haven't been able to figure out what a square or simulated sine wave would be bad for PFC circuits. Every single UPS I've deployed on the floor or in a rack have been simulated sine wave line interactive units and I have yet to have one fail. In fact, personally I've only had two PSU's fail on me in service: an Antec True Power with buldging secondary caps and an Enermax that overheated and died because one of the fans stopped running.
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    I don't remember all the technical details, but basically a simulated sine wave apparently can put a lot of stress on a PSU; I don't recall if it is specifically IN the PFC circuit, but I think it may be BECAUSE of the PFC circuit. The PSU thinks the input power is so bad that it shuts off.
    ANYway... I have an Antec SG-650, I still believe one of the best PSUs out there, even though its efficiency has been passed by. It will not run on a typical UPS (e.g. APC Back-UPS), shutting down immediately, just like yours. I got a true sine wave unit, also APC (Smart-UPS), and the Signature is entirely happy with it.
    I have not tried any of the new Cyberpower PFC models, but I suspect that would work, IF its waveform is indeed close enough to true sine. If you get one, I'd be VERY interested to know how it works out for you. Even if this thread has died of old age by then, please PM me about it. Thanks.
  3. Personally i have a Cyberpower CP1500AVRLCD running my rig with a Corsair HX750 and not one problem so far and that's over 1yr use.
    If i were in your shoes i wouldn't hesistate to buy the new improved PFCLCD model.,2785-13.html
  4. Figured I'd post *** follow up to this. Yes apparently my power supply really does require one. I bought the 1350( which I had to send back the first time because the first one got damaged in shipping.) Anyway I had *** momentary power outage last week and my PC kept running right through it. (With my previous UPS even *** power interruption of *** second or 2 would cause my PC to immediately shut off.)
  5. Excellent. I think I see one in my future now (or rather, in my parents' future).
  6. testing for *** bug

    The swear word filtering seems to be detecting the first letter of the alphabet and replaces it with ***
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  8. Thanks. Glad to hear it worked, so now I think I'll order one.
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