Not enough power

hey guys simple question

and i have this power supply

will this work or not, please help
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  1. You linked the GPU twice. We don't know what PSU you have.

    The GTX460 has a max TDP around 175W, you can expect closer to 150W while gaming. I like to use max figures so I'll stay with the 175W. We also need to know what CPU you have. Duals can run anywhere from 68W-100W, while quads can run 100W-125W.

    If you use the 175W figure for your GPU, add another 100W for your CPU, and toss in another 50W or so for your mobo and drives, then you need around 325W for your system. This also needs to be available from your 12V rail. 325W / 12V = 27A. Any QUALITY PSU that can output 27A or more on the 12V rail should be fine to use.
  2. okay srry i fixed it
  3. i have a phenom 2 955be which has a tdp of 125
  4. Agreed. The extra 25W comes out to two more amps, so you need something that can handle 29A max. If yours has 32A you are fine.
  5. how do you get 32a i only see like 22 on the 12v but im a noob i dont know where to look how do you get the 12v output?
  6. Take a look at this pic here.

    Its hard to see, but I think it says in the middle line that "12v1 + 12v2 + 12v3 max load = 354W." (I think) 354W / 12V = 29.5. That doesn't jive with what CT said, but I can't seem to find anything more on the net. It be able to output 30A which is enough.
  7. looked like 384w to me. i double checked on on guru3d and they had "Basiq BP550Plus ~32A" also

    either way he's fine, 30-32a
  8. so then i should be fine then right
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