What is a good game mouse

need a good game mouse.. any suggestions, i play FPS
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  1. Hi: fact is though it comes down to two things:
    1. how the mouse
    feels in your hand...if you're not comfortable using it, then
    it's not a good mouse for you no matter how amazing it is, and
    2. the layout of the mouse. make sure you look at how the buttons are
    arranged on the mouse...again, if they're not to your liking, then it
    could be the best mouse in the world and it will still suck for you.

    anyhow I strongly Believe that the razer are a good mice & logitech are better (end of story)

    I'd advise getting either:

    1. g9/9x
    2. g500 (if you don't like the way the 9 series feels)
    3. Logitech MX518 Optical Gaming Mouse (old, but still a solid mouse)

    For more useful hint check the following URL out:



    best of luck with your purchase.
  2. I find some good reviews at

    specially for my favorite new toy Cyborg R.A.T. 7 :) love this one !
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