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Just bought a new case with 3 fans. All fans have 2 molex connectors (1male, 1 female), do i need to connect both of them?
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  1. no, they have two connectors so you can daisy-chain fans,
    if you want, you can connect one fan to molex from the psu,
    then the male from the next fan connects to the female from the first fan and so on,
    this lets you have several fans from one power line, letting you save those for lights/drives etc
  2. Cheers :)
  3. No problem, hope you got it sorted ok
  4. Could i include my graphics card in the loop? or would that take up to much power?
  5. your graphics card 'should' have its own pcie connector from your psu,
    you can put an adaptor on to do that at the end of the molex daisychain but you dont want to, you want an uninterrupted source of power for your shiny graphics
    the way I have it set up,
    fans> one psu line
    Hard drives>one psu line
    graphics card>dedicated pcie line
    cpu fans/ramcooler> powered from Mobo sockets
    lighting runs off its own line as well but mines a custom bar made by me, not normal case leds
    keep things seperate and simple, this will also help in future when you rip things out
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