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My computer was REALLY slow, and kept "forgetting" which drive to boot from. (It would say "NTDLR is missing" at startup, and I would have to go into BIOS and reset the order of the drives.) Anyway, I ended up getting a new motherboard which fixed that problem.

Now my problem is that the computer freezes within 1 to 5 minutes of starting, or as soon as I try to do anything. The fan gets really loud, and the mouse and keyboard don't do anything (I can't even do ctl alt del). I have to reboot. I have a fresh install of Windows, and have tried booting from 2 different drives (one with the fresh windows install, one with my old windows install), and the same thing happens.

I am thinking it might be overheating, or the CPU has a problem, or the power supply isn't working...???

Any ideas what order I should start to replace things? I don't want to replace things that aren't broken!

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  1. It could be many things. So the only thing that you replaced was your motherboard and nothing else. Here are some things that you can check that may help solve your issue.

    1. Make sure that your CPU is compatible with your mother board. Make sure the sockets match. Nearly all mother boards are backwards compatible. Unlikely this is the issue but it is good to check.

    2. Make sure that your RAM is compatible with your MB. This may be where you are having an issue. It is important that your RAM speed is supported by the MB and that your RAM voltage is supported by your MB. That information can be found in your MB manual.

    3. Make sure that all drivers and BIOS is current.

    4. Make sure nothing is over clocked. Return all devices to their default clock speeds until the system is stable then start increasing the clock speeds to where you want them.

    Hope that helps. Good Luck.
  2. Thanks for the reply! I will check those things and hopefully solve the problem.
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