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So, I had an old Pent 4, Gigabyte, 2 GB computer and it used to have an 8800, well when I built my new one I moved that into my new computer and since it didn't have an onboard graphics card or an external I wasn't able to plug it into a monitor and let it languish for about 6 months. A week ago I bought a cheap 5550 to throw in it just to give it a way to start again. So I put the card in check everything and boot but I'm not getting any image on the monitor. I don't have a DvD Drive but windows is already installed on the HDD. Is it just that the drivers of the 8800 are giving it trouble? is there some way to make the sure the HDD is booting? lastly could the DvD drive affect it?

Thanks for the help
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  1. plug that old one in and uninstall the drivers for it first or boot into safe mode witht the current one and uninstall iether way you should do that first then load up the new one
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