I7 930 processor temperature

Hey guys,

I am freaking out... kind of. I bought my brothers computer off of him and here are the specs:

I ran speedfan and the temperatures were this idle with 68 processes running

Am I okay? or what I was playing a game maximum and its reached like 80C for each core but the CPU said around 70C
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  1. Seem fine to me. I will guess you are using the stock heat sink.
  2. christop said:
    Seem fine to me. I will guess you are using the stock heat sink.

    Yes I am, thanks for your answer
  3. 80C is a bit high for gaming .... target should be about 72C under P95. Try lowering the VCore voltage in the BIOS .... my son's is set at 1.125 .... stock is usually about 1.25

    Drop it a notch or two.... run OCCT ..... go as far as ya can until test fails. Then move back up one notch. OCCT will produce graphs over the 60 minute test so ya don't have to sit there and watch.

  4. The core 9xx series procs do run hot. As the above user suggested, if you aren't going to OC, you might as well undervolt the CPU. It will cause no hard (instead will increase the life of the cpu), and decrease ur temp and wattage used. You can play the trial and error game to see how low you can go (as soon the system becomes unstable, you know the limit).

    If you are going to OC, you will need an aftermarket cooler, like the hyper 212. Also sience you are using the stock cooler, u are using the sock thermal paste? just replacing it for some AS5 thermal material will drop ur temps by as much 5-10C under load.
  5. Thanks I just bought a h70 cooler and gotta install it. How do I under the voltage?
  6. Its in the Bios, your CPU voltage will be somewhere between 1.3-1.4v Start lowering the value in small increments until you go as low as you can while being fully stable. With no OC, I bet you can easily drop .15v
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