Adding a rear exhaust fan to my case - label side in or out?

For my PC upgrades, I am planning on adding an exhaust fan to the rear of my case. While I haven't got the fan yet, I would like to know, do rear exhaust fans normally have the label side inward or outward? The fan I bought is a Vastech 80mm Red LED fan.
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  1. Plug it in and check before installing it if you don't know.
  2. On one side of the fan, it will have two arrows which show what direction the fan spins and what direction the airflow blows. Usually, the air blows towards the side with the label.
  3. Almost all fans blow air towards the back label side.

    There are arrows on the side of the fan that show the air flow direction and blade direction.

    Normally the fan will blow out the back of the case(label side back).
  4. When in doubt fans blow in the direction of the concave side of the fins.
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