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I found a guy locally who is selling a GTX 480 who I got to lower the price to $300. It's a Galaxy GTX 480 and he says he bought it new, I figure this is a no brainer but I want to ask before I do it anyway. I was originally considering a GTX 470 for $220-250 and I figure the benefit of having a GTX 480 and the little price difference from what I was looking at isn't too bad (I have some spare cash) and I have been looking to buy a card for $300 or less. There is no way I can afford a GTX 580 (I would love one but out of the question) and I can't wait around for the GTX 570 to release or for any other price drops.

Simply put, if it were you and your money would you do it? I'm using a 6800 GT as a filler card until I buy my next one so consider that too. Just would like some opinions, is Galaxy support good? Do you think it's likely to have any issues now or in the foreseeable future? I did have a problem with one GTX 260 I had but I bought a second one used and it worked perfectly (Better than the one I had to get RMA'ed). I was just thinking $300 for a GTX 480 seems really good considering the cheapest GTX 480 on Newegg was $430 after rebate ($387 if you want to count their 10% promo too). Do note $300 is my maximum, and I have an 800 watt ABS ITZ Tagan power supply with 64 amps on +12 v rails so sufficient power is not an issue.
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  1. does he have the original receipt? That would be good to have if you ever need to RMA it. If so, then go for it.
  2. Well here's another thing I neglected to consider - GTX 460's in SLI. Apparently from the benchmarks they seem to equal or beat the GTX 480 several times. I can buy two new GTX 460's for $131.56 each - comes out to $263.12, take off $50 since it comes with the same game twice and I'd sell each for half price - total price would be $213.12 after shipping and rebate for two of these GTX 460's. Benchmarks seem to show these two beating the GTX 480 in every test - my only question, is there really a downside? I mean other than once the GTX 460's are not good enough anymore there's no expandability left. Thing is, how worth it would it be to up to the 1 GB version? The 768 version seemed content to smoke the GTX 480 solo in every benchmark...

    If I upped to buying two 1 GB GTX 460's, the price would up to to at cheapest $318 after shipping and rebate - taking me over my $300 comfort zone. My big question is, how much difference is there between the 768 MB version and the 1 GB version? I'm using a 1920 x 1200 monitor and I do like to use the AA settings maxed out (But I can actually get by lowering them from 16x to 8x). The price difference is about $100 for the faster version, and I'd like to have the extra memory and such - but I'm going over my comfortable spending zone. The 460's in SLI does seem to be a much better idea than the GTX 480 though - outperforms it every time and at the prices I'm paying I get two new cards with warranty - not a used card.

    Please advise soon, I want to buy whatever I'm gonna get soon and I've stared at lots of benchmarks but none answer this question.

    EDIT: See, this benchmark makes me leery of the 768 MB version - compare the 768 MB version to the 1024 MB version solo card - huge difference

    Most games they were with 5 FPS of each other solo so I imagine scaling in SLI would be close but in this I'm curious of how it would scale. Some reviewers had mentioned limited memory buffer and whatnot - which concerns me if that will affect performance.

    EDIT 2: Okay, so I got ahold of a Zotac rep and apparently it will be okay if I order the two in one order (Some people said you can't do that or they only treat it like you bought one card and only get ONE mail in rebate). So that high price of $380 before rebate will make the 10% $38 off the price, after shipping it comes out to $350 - $310 after rebates, and it comes with two copies of HAWX 2 and two copies of one of those Prince of Persia games - definitely will sell one of the HAWX 2 copies if not both and be down to $280 at least and maybe even as cheap as $250 for two 1 GB GTX 460 cards brand new with lifetime warranty that out perform a GTX 480 in every way compared to $300 for a slower performing GTX 480 with no warranty and no discounts of any kind. I don't see how I can go wrong other than there's no upgradability to the setup - but admittedly they perform so well I think Nvidia will maybe make a GTX 495 out of a pair of these cards or some such. Coming off two GTX 260's in SLI I think this is proper upgrade compared to buying a single GTX 470 or 480. As long as they will perform well for a good while I'll be happy - and seeing how much they smoke a GTX 480 I have a hard time thinking of buying either a single 470 or 480 - even if I planned to SLI in the future.
  3. 1. What brand.

    2. Has he already registered for warrenty,etc?

    3. Do you need this ASAP? If not, consider waiting until AMD releses the ATI 69xx and/or until Black Friday/Cyber Monday.
  4. I guess it's safe to assume you have a SLI capable motherboard and compatible power supply?
  5. You already got the guy to lower the price. Just get the damn GTX 480. You can get another one latter to run SLI (assuming you have a capable PSU and don't mind your PC doubling as a room heater ^_^ )
  6. Shadow - it's Galaxy brand, he has registered the warranty and he says he'd file any RMA if I had it for the remainder of the 1 year warranty. Yes I need a card ASAP - I went from using two GTX 260s in SLI to a 6800 GT...painful. I can't even watch full screen video with this thing! Yes my mobo (EVGA 750i FTW) has SLI and my PSU is 800 watts, ABS Tagan ITZ series - I had no power issues or anything with the GTX 260s. Once in awhile with L4D they would crash though - and that was the only game. I figured it was the cards and took it as an opportunity to upgrade - but it might well be that I just need to format and reinstall.

    I thought about SLI for the GTX 480's, but I did that with my GTX 260 and lost a good chunk of cash doing it. I paid $220 for my original GTX 260 and $125 for a used GTX 260 later on and used that for a few months - I had to take $200 for them and it seemed like I wasn't ever gonna sell them. I know you will lose money with any video card as it becomes dated, but I didn't buy that second card that long before. I fear buying this GTX 480 for $300 and maybe getting a second later for $150-200 when they get that cheap used I'll have spend nearly $500 and I won't be able to get maybe $250 for them. With the two GTX 460s at final total of around $250 they'll be rockin' for a good while before I need to upgrade - maybe I'll only get $150 for the pair but economically they make more sense, given they are new, they have warranty, they run cooler than the GTX 480 and for less money outperform it.

    I'm an Nvidia fanboy + I haven't heard good about ATI's driver issues and other performance inconsistencies with their cards. I hoped the GTX 580 release would spark a GTX 480 price drop, but it didn't...I considered waiting until Black Friday time...but I'm afraid that they'll put a sale on a card I wasn't looking to buy (Different brand that is) and I'd have to fight people on the order screen to get it before it goes out of stock - and if it does then I'm stuck paying full price with no rebate for my two cards (I.e. I can't buy them). I'd like the bragging rights of owning a GTX 480 - but I really just want the best performance for my money - and for less money than this used card I can get two new cards that are faster.

    This would make a first for me buying two cards brand new. If only a single GTX 460 weren't too bad I'd live off one and then maybe gamble on getting one on Black Friday or whenever. But I hear people complain they lack "oomph" coming from solo GTX 275 and 285s. Besides, ordering the two together makes their price higher making the 10% savings more and the rebate stays the same so instead of paying $390 I pay $350 after shipping and get $40 back plus whatever I can sell two copies of HAWX 2 for and the prince of persia game it comes with (Neither games I really want). With my two GTX 260's my PC already made the room hot...combined with a 360 and PS3 that I run alot my room is roasting much of the time.

    I dunno...agh why couldn't the GTX 480 be better? If it were I wouldn't even be in this situation and I wouldn't even have been if a friend didn't point out the benchmark results where the GTX 460's were better in every test. And not just by a few FPS - by 10-15 even 20 or more in some cases.
  7. You have answered your own question. Get the dual GTX460's. They will outperform the GTX480. There are even reviews that show dual 460's do well when compared to the GTX580.
  8. Well to compare processor cores the two GTX 460s have 672 when combined - a GTX 480 only has 480 and a 580 has 512 - but either of those in SLI far out do the 460's. The thing is, I was just reading where some people were saying a single GTX 480 is still a better choice and says they overclock the GTX 460's in these reviews so they look better than they are and that a single 480 can do the same things those two can overclocked a little.

    For example, here's a result I pulled from the EVGA forums - same processor but mine is stock clocked, elsewise my setup would be the same

    bigpoppa ---------------E8400 @ 4.4 -------- (1) 480....1800/2200 ---------------22,631 --- 55,193 --- P26,546 --- Air

    The P26,546 is the Vantage P score - compare to this chart for the 460's

    Compared to the above - that's a solo GTX 480 equaling the SLI cards. If that's possible, I imagine the FPS would be at a much closer margin making it the better choice since you aren't dealing with two cards. But I feel lots of those folks on there are being sour grapes - they're mad they already bought a 480 or 470 and are saying 460's in SLI are totally stupid and worthless because they want to feel like they didn't get ripped off. I don't know how true this is, but lots of them on there are making it sound like one 480 is way better than two 460's (And coincidentally, their signatures show one GTX 480 or 470 on the people who are saying that...). Gah, it's mostly a matter of how long I could live off the 460's. A question since I have never OC'ed anything - can you increase the amount of processor cores on a GPU - I read some people saying they got their GTX 480 up to 700 or something - in which case I can see that being a better choice, but at what expense and how much work involved?
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