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Hello, Im building a new system for my mum and would appreciate some advice on the parts i have chosen. This will not be used for gaming but for general purposes. With a very small amount of hd video editing. Here are the parts.

AMD Phenom II X2 555 Black Edition, Callisto, Dual Core, S AM3, 3.2GHz,

Gigabyte GA-880GM-UD2H AMD 880G (Socket AM3) microATX DDR3 Motherboard

4GB (2x2GB) Corsair XMS3 Classic, DDR3 PC3-10666 (1333)

Samsung SH-S223L/BEBE 22x DVD±R, 8x DVD±DL, DVD+RW x8/-RW x6, x12 RAM SATA L/scribe

CIT MTX001B, Black, mini-ITX Case with 300W PSU

1TB Samsung HD103SI EcoGreen F2, SATA 3Gb/s, 32MB Cache, 8.9 ms, NCQ
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  1. The only suggestion I would make is to change the hard drive. Any Green label drive does not have good performance. They are ok as secondary drive. Get a drive that has 7200rpm., preferably WD Black.

    Another suggestion is to partition the drive. A small partition (100-150GB) for OS and apps, and the rest for personal stuff (doc, photos, videos). That way if windows crap out and need reinstall, the personal files are safe. Better yet is to have 2 hard drives: a small one and a big one.

    Also don't forget to create an image of the system after OS, apps, and drivers are installed. If OS fails all you need to do is to restore the image and don't need to reinstall apps and drivers.
  2. Ok thanks. I have never done the stuff you suggested at the end but i guess i will learn. I will change hard drive to.

    What do think of the small case with its own psu, is this a good idea or will i need a better psu.
  3. I was thinking of onboard gfx. With the possibilty to drop something basic in if required. The system will be an upgrade from a old laptop thats so slow. Im hoping this will be a vastly superior system for day to day stuff. Will onboard be enough to edit tiny amounts of family hd video.
  4. ok thanks, what you think of the case that comes with its own psu 300 watt?
  5. Just read your second to last post, yes it was you that helped me. Im very grateful the dell is running lovely. Much appreciated.
  6. Ok cool. As for the thread i didnt realise you have to close them. i will do now.

    I am also doing my own build which i told you about a few months ago, which i put off to see what sandy bridge was about. I feel quite glad i waited. Im gonna go with the 2500k, what do you think.
  7. That looks a very solid build. Im gonna go SB, i can get the unlocked 2500k for 170£ and a decent mobo for 100£ roughly the same price as the 1090t build i was going to do. And from what i have read it will blow that away. The reviews say 5ghz on air is attainable. plus i can then use the card i seem to have become obsessed with. The 460 plus i can add another later.
  8. Yeah well thats the plan i hope it works lol. Im not usually one for getting the tech as it comes out. But i come help to feel this is affordable and very good. It seems the only way for me to go but maybe im missing something.

    Also i highly rate your advice, so was hoping you could help me with monitor choice. I want 23 - 24 inch 1080p and have seen a few. Should i worry to much about response times. I want a samsung and some are 8 5 or 2 ms im not sure how much i should worry about this.
  9. im not sure whether to get 120hz or not. Im going into a shop to try out 3d vision this week. If its a 120 hz monitor then i will spend 300£ if just a normal 1080p will spend up to 200£
  10. Lol thats what im hoping, i think 3d is something to have. Even though i have not experienced it.
  11. For video editing more cores will pay off. I'd look at a 4 core Athlon over the 2 core Phenom. Probably the same price too.
  12. No never used any good gaming rig, only gamed on xbox 360 and this old dell with far cry 1. So im expecting alot. No my mum dont really need a good board i just dont know what else to get. And i will change hard drive. And im looking forward to 3d, i used to pay 30£ for sega master system games, oh how time has moved on.
  13. Its a Phenom x2.
  14. Oh sorry i just see what you mean, get the x3 instead.
  15. Wow very hard to find, but found one for 70£ will try to get this if you say is better. Thanks.
  16. Lol, that you was and you was right so i trust your expertise.
  17. That im not sure, i just picked it cause it looks cute and will take up minimal space. I had to convince her to stop buying a new laptop for 400£ every two years. So im trying to make it as unintrusive as possible.
  18. Thats a bit too expensive, Thats 80£ the other is 28£. I need as cheap as poss.
  19. Ok i just realised that the cpu is a athlon and not a phenom. If thats the case i could afford a AMD Athlon II X4 640, Propus, Quad Core, S AM3, 3GHz, 2MB Total Cache, HT 2000MHz, 95W, Retail, What do you think. 78£. Only 8£ pounds more.
  20. Lol, then for 8£ pounds more i get the quad, as long as you say the athlon x4 is better than the phenom x2 for her needs.
  21. Cool thats decided, thanks for help once again. Now im gonna get some sleep, its 2am here. Will speak to you soon i hope. Take care and thanks.
  22. Lol good old dogs. Speak soon.
  23. Quote:
    well, that would be future proofing... lol
    and the athlon ii x3 7/10 times could unlock to the quad core - FYI.
    but for only a few bucks more huh.?
    that's actually tough for me, I just don't see the need for a quad but it would be nice to have... damn. i just don't know.
    if mum was a gamer then I'd without a doubt say yes..

    "With a very small amount of hd video

    The extra core will help mum with hd video editing.
  24. Hello how are you. I need to ask for your wisdom once again. As i told you im building a 2500k rig. problem is i dont knw how to choose a motherboard or memory. Can you advise me hoe i should choose.
  25. Will run one gigabyte 460 soc for now and another at some point. Not sure about matx or atx as i dont know the difference, is it size. If so i will buy whats the best if it gives an advantage. As for budget i dont want to save money at the expense of performance but dont want to pay loads extra just for minimal gain. If that makes sense.
  26. For i5-sb build i need everything. Complete from scratch. I was thinking of a coolermaster 690 ii advanced, not sure if its any good. I want to get the window for it. I will also need hard drive, cpu cooler and a good psu, all of which im not sure how to choose.
  27. Thankyou.
  28. Thanks your a star. I will look at all this stuff, i should be ready to order next week. I will let you know when i have parts.
  29. I love that touch screen fan controller, nice piece of kit. One thing though, what sort of psu should i be looking for.
  30. Damn you are good lol. So you think psu that comes with case will be fine to run gtx 460 soc?
  31. I mean fine to run one 460
  32. I cant wait.
  33. That i definitely will do. And i have no doubt i will have some questions when it comes to assembly. And thank you again.
  34. Thats good, and now you can see what it runs like. Kind of a prototype lol. I will keep you updated.
  35. cool.
  36. hello malmental, im almost there with the 2500k order but need your advice on the mobo for my mums mad buil. I have decided to get the triple core as you suggested as the quad is twenty pounds more. Im just not sure what board i should get. Im assuming i should get a board with usb 3 but should i get 740/760/770 or 785g or 790 or 870/880/890?
  37. I meant to say mums amd build
  38. actually they have not got any for 785. I forgot to mention im gonna be getting all parts from as i cant afford to buy both builds in one go and they offer a buy now pay in nine months interest free. So its restricted me a bit. Would you be able to look there when you get a chance and just see what mobo, ram and triple core would be the best.
  39. Also i wouldnt mind being able to have a go at unlocking the fourth core but thats not too important.
  40. Sorry didnt see your post, yes im getting the 2500k build and the amd x3 build all in one order. I have managed to find nearly all your parts for the 2500k build on scans website. The parts they have not got i can buy separte. Its just the main stuff i have to get from scan, like the cpu, mobos cases and what not.
  41. Sorry had to pop out just got back. Yes thats correct. I will look at those now.
  42. Perfect, i have wrote those down. Thanks.
  43. Is the athlon x3 450 not worth it for extra 3 pounds over the 445.
  44. makes sense, i wouldnt see difference anyway, and could buy some lunch with the change.
  45. Correct. Im gonna get this together and get ready to order for end of week.

    Oh yeah, do yo have any info on gtx 560? not sure if that would be better than gigabyte 460 soc. Im assuming thats obvious but again its all about waiting.
  46. That sounds pretty cool. And actually a couple of the parts i need a not in stock till the 26th and from my knowledge the 25th is a possible release date for 560, so maybe would be good idea as i have to wait anyway.

    One other thing that occured to me is what is the best way of getting windows 7 on both pcs? Full retail or OEM or is there any other ways.
  47. Sorry if i sound stupid, could you explain. Or should i private message you.
  48. Do i do that by clicking "reply to malemental box"
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