Need help if dell includes 2 6-pin for radeon 5870

I have a Dell XPS 7100 and it has 460 w psu. I don't know if I have to buy 2 6-pin connectors to power my radeon 5870.
Can you please help me?
Like, I don't know if I have to open up the cpu and put the pins or what?
I haven't gotten it yet but i will soon.
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  1. Does your PSU have those connectors?

    Quite a few of 5870s have the required connectors bundled with them. So, you need to check if yours does or not. If the PSU doesn't have these connectors and they're not included with your card, you'll have to buy them separately.

    Please Also note that the 5870 requires one 6 pin and one 8-pin connector.

    I would recommend buying the 6950 as it can be unlocked into a fully functional 6970 without much effort ,has two Gigabytes of DDR5, and it is also cheaper than the 5870. It may be easier on your PSU as it requires two 6-pin connectors.
  2. Also, if you need to know how to properly unlock the 6950 read this page from the most recent SBM,2893-5.html

    And to download w1zzard's tool

    You can save your GPU BIOS using GPU-Z
  3. 5870 needs 2 6-pin connectors. look at amd graphic for desktop.
  4. Ok so I got the desktop but i can't really set it up and use it for another week because of my parents. I opened it up and got the power cord.
    it says 10A 125V I think its made by Volex. I'm worried because there is no 6 pin connector anywhere in the box. My question now is , does the 6pin connector go outside, inthe back of the cpu or inside? because maybe dell already have put it in there.
  5. they wont let me set it up cuz we moving to a house in about a week or so.
    Oh well, I guess since it's inside the cpu then I'm not gonna worry. I researched about other people who have the same comp and they were fine
  6. sugjavier said:
    5870 needs 2 6-pin connectors. look at amd graphic for desktop.

    I don't see why you would want to buy the 5870 as it's almost 2 years old. Also, there's no logical reason why you shouldn't buy the 6950. If you still insist on 5870 then PLEASE make sure that your card actually has 2 6-pin connectors as some cards out there come with one 6 & one 8-pin connector regardless of what AMD says. I even found out that MSI's R5870 Lightning & Lightning II both require two 8-pin connectors.

    @sugjavier: Tell the GPU manufacturers to look at the specs. I simply see what's in front of my eyes. But thank you very much for sharing that info with us as I didn't know or remember that the original 5870 sported two 6- pins :??: :D
  7. OOOOH, I didn't understand that from his words.

    Then it should work fine with the PSU, I think.
  8. Idk but 5870 although u say its 2 years old, still packs a lot of power.
    I wont OC or crossfire. Also, y pay $30-40 more for something that only adds 10-15 fps. I'm cool with the 5870 since it came with the desktop.<--maybe that's what i needed to say. Dell offered the 2.7ghz 6 core amd processor with the HD 5870.
    I think I'll be fine though since it has a 2 yr warranty. I'll be setting it up in a week at my new house
  9. well the 5870 still good card it requires 2 - 6 pin connectors but the asus version requires 1 6 pin and 1 8 pin but i dont reccomend you to buy some adabters for your psu i recommend you to buy a new one 550 watt should be more than enough to power your system smoothly
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