Msi z68 GD65 gen3 or AsrockExtreme4 gen3!!

Anyone know some advantages or disadvantages any advice would be nice.
Can decide what mobo to choose!!
Which one is more stable and has better stock performance!!
Msi is little cheaper!
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  1. I have heard the Asrock suggested many times around here but not the MSI that I can remember. Do with that info what you will.
  2. Thanks!!
    Anyone else has some info??
  3. As a current MSI Z68A owner, I'd suggest going with the ASRock.

    The MSI board works fairly good enough. But there were troubling things with mine, like solder splashes on the underside, and now I'm realizing my second bank of DIMMs aren't working right so I need to RMA the board.. which means I don't have a system for at least 2 weeks.

    Overall I haven't been impressed with MSI.
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