How much is my homebuilt system worth now?

Hello guys. I need your opinion for how much money can I ask for my home built system from almost two years ago

The specs are as follows
q6600@ 3.6ghz w/ Cooler Master v8 cpu
asus p5q se motherboard
gtx 280
4gb gskill ddr2 800 ram
wd 500gb cavalier black hard drive
antec 1200 case
silverstone 750w psu
asus combo drive

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  1. If I wanted a new system (I don't) I would pay around 550 sell as individual parts or just upgrade, the GPU, Mobo, RAM, CPU need to go everything else take to your next system for the stuff that has to go I'd pay 200
  2. It's really quite hard to put price tags on these kinds of things. The main problem is it's probably worth more to you than it is to a stranger. In my experience, you'll make more money by parting it out on the E or the list. My system is similar to yours, and without any periphs, I'm pegging it right around 450-500.

    If your GPU is holding strong for you, it might make sense to sell the board/CPU/RAM as a set, and keep the rest. I've once purchased a complete setup, and although I got a good deal on it (thanks jj!), I wouldn't do it again. I would, however, buy a CPU/board/RAM combo. Just my two cents.
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