Upgrading my Dell XPS 630i

Hey yet again. Im looking to spend around 300 dollars on a new Graphic card(s). Right now me and my brother think an ATI 5770. Reason 1 being its cheap and has the latest direct X, and also has crossfire. Thinking of the XFX brand. We currently have two 9800GT in SLI (512Mb). My bigest question is can my motherboard crossfire, it has Two PCI-E slots. it has two... Jeez ive forgoten, its got the right cables for it, 6pin power supply? Anyway its 32Bit vista, 4gb's of ram and 2.5ghz intel quad core proceser.

I don't know my motherboard, thats pretty much why im here, to find out if my motherboard can crossfire. Thanks. :p
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  1. If you you have SLi'd 9800GT's and the CPU is a s775 then no, you can only run two Nvidia cards together or a single ATi/AMD card.
  2. The 630 is SLI and Crossfire capable
  3. The Dell modified one, I'd forgotten about that one. Thanks for the correction.
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