WUSB54CG issues with Windows Vista Ultimate x64

I have the Linksys WUSB54CG wireless adapter. When I pop in the CD and it asks me to pu tthe device in, Wndows reads it, and reports it could not succesfully download software. What do I do? ASAP, Please.
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  1. Does the CD contain a driver designed for Vista 64 ? These can be a bit thin on the ground -- I suggest you search the Linksys site.
  2. The issue was the device is gone...dead.

    Can a belkin woreless USB device work with a Cisco Linksys wireless router?
  3. I just bought a netgear W something 111v3 usb adapter for the cisco linksys router. I get messages like, "Limited connectivity", or " Unidentified network", or "the connection is taking longer to connect".

    My signal strength is 80%. What to do? How do I reset the router and fix it?

    ASAP, Please!
  4. Please, say anything. Say what's on your mind of this issue.
  5. Connect computer to the router by ethernet cable and see if that works. Then, at least you will have narrowed the problem down to the computer's wireless adapter or the wireless section of the router.
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