GTX 580

Going up from a GTX 295, I have to say "what an upgrade." Anyone else with similar specs (i7 920, 6gb ram, gtx 295) looking for a better graphics cards... this is it!!! Picked one up locally from Microcenter and the results are astonishing. To give you an idea... This card here runs the Heaven benchmark in Direct X 11 (max tess.) better than the GTX 295 does in Direct X10... Also any noticable slow downs in Crysis (1080p, enthusiast) are gone with extreme minimum fps scores with this card... This was the card i've been waiting for as the GTX 480 got somewhat okay reviews and barely better than my gtx 295. Also if you purchase from EVGA(i do because of their lifetime warranty), just found out that you receive a free copy of 3dMark 11 when it comes out... Anymore questions? i'll continue playing around with this card and let you know how it is... Everything on my computer is stock (i7 920, 6GB, 2x 30GB OCZ Vertex SSD raid-0, 1080p lcd and now with this amazing upgrade). Just wanted to give you all my perspective and show how happy I am with this purchase. Go Nvidia!
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  1. Congrats :) that was a great upgrade.
    Post some benchies if you had time :d
  2. 3dMark Vantage
    GPU: 22829
    CPU: 48720

    Unigine Heaven Demo @ 1024 res. max settings
    FPS: 97.2
    Score: 2448
  3. Great.
    In the review i read,it seems GTX 580 really shines in Metro 2033,if you have it,please post how much FPS you get.
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