HD5850 artifacts

Hello, I have a problem on my HD 5850. As from Monday, she started to have problems in some games like Battle-Field 2, Starcraft II.
The picture is like artifacts or polygons with wrong.

My msn is with distorted colors: http://img844.imageshack.us/img844/5932/msna.png

The strange thing is that game for example Lord of Ring online without problems and do something else like watch videos, surf the internet without any problem. I thought it could ever be something that was installed along with Lord Of The Ring Online by having it installed Saturday. I formatted the machine and the problem persists. I switched to VGA slot and nothing.

Perhaps you could help me?
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  1. Could you tell us the load temps (temps whilst gaming or benchmarking), You can use a freeware program called GPU-Z to monitor the graphics cards temps.

    Also could you list your PC's full systems spec's, most importantly your powersupply make and model.
  2. Using furmark for stress vga, the load temps not exceed 70 °, let running for one hour and does not happen any artifacts.

    Now when I turn OCCT 3.1, and I enable Check Error. Detects various errors.


    Crosshair Formula IV

    X6 1055 t

    Memory Corsair XMS 1600

    HD 5850 XFX

    PSU Corsair 750W

    Software and Drives:

    Windows 7 64 Bits.

    Catalyst Software Suite (64 bit) English Only 10.10 10/22/2010

    I've done the following:

    I've done the following:

    1) Replace the VGA.
    2) Reinstall Drive VGA Calatist 10.4
    3) I formatted the machine.
    4) Put in another slot.
    5) I have connected with other VGA CABLES shape of my PSU
    6) Downclock MHZ Frequency of Memory and GPU with the MSI afterburner
  3. I would say its a faulty card, but before RMAing it I'd try different divers, and if possible try the card in someone elses PC and see if you get the same result.

    BTW what exactly do you mean by this: "5) I have connected with other VGA CABLES shape of my PSU"?
  4. Did it start right when you got the card?
  5. More tests....

    1) Test with Ati tray, and no found artifacts.


    2) Test with OCCT, and found Error and artifacts


    3) Test with furmark stress, and not found artifacts.

  6. The PSU comes with 4 or 6 PCI-E feeding. I took two of the cables that were not being used, and changed by those who were connected in vga
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