Which Computer Processor Is the Best?

Hello,my name is phil and im stuck on a school assignmentfor ITT Tech-online and i need to compile a list of various processors that are on the market,give a brief description of each model, and explain its feature. could you help. i need answer tonight
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  1. Intels:
    Old: pentium^, Core 2 dou
    New: Quad core, i3,i5, i7, Sandy brigde i3,i5,i7

    Pentium series: i think this was the first CPU from intel, its not good at all but most schools use it because its cheap and it works. the last one from the series is the best ofc. i can just run some of the 2008 games.
    C2D series: for gaming i would say that from 84-series and up, is the best ones. Before that is also like school or just an old pc that you wanted to upgrade a bit.
    Quard core: is the best ones because of the great CPU preformens, and its great for games that needs dual core. some of the best CPUs cost a lot of money around the 760$
    i-series: as intel says"i3 school and work, i5 low gaming and multi and i7 for gaming and multi"- and then there's a i7-980 that one is for extreme gaming its at the same level as the Sandy brigde i-7:2600K
    Sandy brigde series: The i3 series is like the i5 series from the normal i-series. The i5 is good and if it gets overclocked a bit its perfekt for gaming and it can take all games - the price is also good for the money. Then theres the SB i7 series, these are the best, they are good for all the things multi, extreme gaming, and so on. i got the 2600K overclocked to 4.5GHZ and my pc is as fast as a Audi R8 in sport!
    hope it helped you :) just ask :)
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