Keyboard and mouse stop working?

Recently i have built a new pc and have encountered a problem twice where my keyboard and mouse stop working. They light up but are unresponsive in windows and no matter what i do they dont work and in the end i have to reinstall windows and i lose all my data. This has happened twice. It happened the second time today and it felt quite annoying. Today i was installing asus ai suite ii off the disc that came with the motherboard. During the install it said there was an error installing usb 3.0 boost. After installation it asked me to restart and i said no as i was doing something else and was going to manually restart later. After i restarted my mouse and keyboard stopped working. Could that error have something to do with it?

i am using the microsoft sidewinder x4 keyboard and logicool g300 mouse. I had both their latest drivers and for some reason they stopped working. This has happened twice and i want to get it fixed before it happens again.

The first time i accidentally turned of my pc during a windows update and after restart i had the same problem. Could my drivers have gone corrupt in both of these cases?

Both mouse and keyboard light up. On my keyboard my num lock light is on and i cant turn it off.
any help would be appreciated.

My specs(if needed):-
i7 3770k
asus maximus v formula motherboard
asus gtx 680 2gb OC edition
corsair dominator 4gbx2 ram
corsair h80 cooling
corsair AX850 psu
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  1. Do you have a different keyboard and mouse to try?
  2. First update and run a full scan with your anti-virus, then download and run a full scan of malwarebytes (I always say this but about 80% of the time it helps!!!!). If that doesn't fix it I'd try a repair with your windows install disk. Then go to device manager and delete your keyboard and mouse. Restart and let it reload the drivers. Good luck....
  3. Thank you for your replies. First of all, no, i dont have any other keyboard and mouse to try out because everybody else at home uses laptops. I also dont have anti virus because ive just built it recently but i will be buying anti virus soon. But i will try malwarebytes. The windows i have is japanese(long story) so i am able to change the windows language to english but when i boot from the disc i cant tell which option says repair although i have found out how to reinstall. Also when this problem occurs i cant do anything in windows because my keyboard and mouse are not working. So my only option would be to reinstall or repair. So i cant delete my keyboard and mouse when this problem happens. Ill still look into it and try find out something and use some of your suggestions. Thank you again for your replies really appreciate it. :)
  4. You can use AVG or MSE free anti-virus. I don't recommend doing anything without an anti-virus installed. That Japanese version would throw me, too. Good luck.
  5. Something similar happened to the Ausus Ultrabook S56CA we have. We are not sure what caused it the keyboard and touchpad stopped working. The Windows 8 "Device Manager" showed the Device driver for both the Keyboard and the Touch Pad with errors. The details for both indicated the Drivers failed to load and the files maybe corrupted. We also have a logitec wireless mouse, and that still continued to work.
    Lucky for us we made this a dual boot, therefore we were able to boot on Windows 7 with both the keyboard and the touch pad worked without issues which meant there is nothing wrong with the hardware.
    What I did next, is guess work. I uninstalled the most recent windows updates dated 3/14 and I also downloaded through Win 7 the LiveUpdate from the ASUS support web site. Installed the liveupdate and ran it. It said the installed drivers are all up to date and did nothing. But once I rebooted after uninstalling the windows updates, the problem was fixed.
    I did not have to re install the drivers, nor the OS. I am leaning towards the windows updates that messed this up for Windows 8, and have turned off Automatic Updates for Windows 8. Enough already.
    The other thing that updated during the same time was the AVAST anti virus. I doubt that caused this malfunction. It did the same for Win 7, and everything works fine on that boot. Hope this helps.
  6. Had this. The keyboard stopped working after waking up the PC. It worked okay in bios settings. The Windows 8 "Device Manager" showed a problem with the Device driver. The Easy fix is to use Windows Restore.
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