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Hey Everyone,

I bought the Cooler Master 942 with the noble intention of building my first computer (i.e. 2600K CPU). However, Sandy Bridge Gate hit and everything was put on hold. At the time all cases only have cross-through cables to plug in the back (non-native USB 3.0) and this is true of my case. Does anyone know if Cooler Master is supplying the native connecting cables for the 942 now that motherboards are starting to come out with native internal USB 3.0? Hopefully for free - free is good right :-)?
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    CM has a part request on their website you could try there they sent me an a new HD audio wire for my 922.
  2. erick81 said:
    CM has a part request on their website you could try there they sent me an a new HD audio wire for my 922.

    Thanks, I will take a look at their website. Frankly, I expected there to be more response to this because I know a lot of people have purchased the HAF 942. Hopefully, someone has already crossed this bridge with Cooler Master and can let everyone on this website know what is going on.
  3. Hey all of you fellow CM 942 owners out there I found this post on the CM website and it's good news:


    HAF X is the first available full tower chassis with USB 3.0 support. Currently the NEC controllers on USB 3.0 motherboards do not support a standardized header. To use the USB 3.0 ports, route the extension cables from the I/O behind the motherboard and through the rear hole in the motherboard tray. You can then use one of the three rubber water cooling ports on the rear of the chassis to meet the USB 3.0 port on the motherboard. As soon as a better solution is released with a standard USB 3.0 motherboard header on chip, Cooler Master will provide the internal header USB 3.0 cables as a free part exchange."

    So if you buy a mobo with internal headers, hopefully they will be standardized enough so that they match CM's free part exchange. Hopefully the Z68 mobos will have the standardized USB 3.0 headers for native support.
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