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I bought a NZXT Phantom that came with 1 Blue LED 200mm fan on the top.

Got two more 200mm fans, bought led's, tried to install but did not turn on. The LED's work fine when testing on the fan that already has working LED's.

Here is the Original NZXT LED Fan:

Here is extra NZXT LED FAN:

Does anyone know why it's not working? I'm using 3mm LED's.

Google Color :D Red,Green,Blue,White,Yellow.
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  1. Are sure the LEDs are even getting powered?

    The top fan has 8 wires connected to 8 points but the bottom fan only has two wires connected to two of the 8 points?

    Also remember that the polarity matters with LEDs. Make sure you've got the current flowing the right way or it won't turn on.
  2. Bottom fan has three points, red, yellow and black. If you try using the exposed contacts on the LED on the exposed terminals in the center of the fan does it light up? Do the LED's use the same voltage as what is being put out by the solder points?

    As Rusting in Peace said polarity on LED's matter, they wont light up if the polarity is reversed.
  3. Picture 1:

    The three upper black im not sure what volt, but they become a 3 pin fan connector.

    As for bottom two black wires, they are connected to a back case button for on and off

    Picture 2:

    Yellow Red Black also becomes a 3 pin fan connector.

    Should i measure the LED solder points to see how much volt it gives out?

    Does not make sense to me for NZXT to have solder points for a 3mm led when i buy the exact same led and it does not work on their own product.

    If there are any bright ideas, please give me some :D.

    - Trihedral
  4. 3mm LED's come in different voltages. I would get a multimeter and measure the voltage coming out and check what the voltage for the LED's.

    Did you buy this LED from NZXT?
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